How to Cure Logs for a Log Home

If you are dreaming of building your home, the best route is the log home. The construction is uncomplicated and uses only a few common, easy-to-find tools and materials. Before you can start putting your house together, you must treat the logs for building. This is called curing, and what you do is remove all the moisture from the logs so you can seal them and keep new moisture from getting in. The ideal method is a combination of air and kiln curing.

Prepare logs to use for your log home.

Step 1

Cut down the number of trees that will be needed for the construction of the log home.

Step 2

Remove all the bark from the trees. Use a drawknife for thinner bark and a bark spud for thicker, more stubborn bark. Dig the tools into the bark to push it off the log from underneath.

Step 3

Stack the logs in a warm, dry place for air curing. Set the logs where no water or elements can get to them. Let them cure by air for several months.

Step 4

Put the logs into a kiln to complete the curing process. The regulation of the temperature, air flow, and curing time will be determined by the species and weight of the wood you are using.

Step 5

Remove the logs from the kiln and prepare them according to your log home specifications.

Michelle Raphael

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