How to Register Kenmore Appliances

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Things You'll Need

  • Receipt

  • Model number

  • Serial number

You can register your Kenmore appliances by telephone.

Kenmore appliances are sold exclusively through Sears stores, Sears catalogs and the official Sears website. Sears sales associates will usually register your appliances for you at the store, over the phone or online, but you can always register them after you've purchased them, or check the status of your appliance's registration. It's important to register your appliances so that your warranty is valid and that Sears knows to contact you in the event of a recall involving your appliance.


Step 1

Dial 1-800-469-4663 from your telephone.

Step 2

Let the Sears representative on the other end of the line know that you want to check the status of your appliance registration and register the appliance if it has not yet been registered.

Step 3

Provide the Sears representative with your appliance's model number, serial number and any information they need off of your receipt.

Step 4

Ask for the date the registration became or will become valid.

Step 5

Note the date that your appliance's registration became valid or will become valid on your appliance owner's manual for future reference.


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