How to Remove Dog Scratches From Laminate Floors

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Things You'll Need

  • Felt marker

  • Repair kit

  • Putty knife

  • Paper towel

Laminate floor

Laminate floors in homes are sleek, relatively simple to care for and can easily dress up a room. However, if you have a dog that spends any amount of time on your laminate floors, you will likely begin to notice some scratches from its toe nails. Do not fret if this happens to you because there are some fairly simple ways to remove dog scratches from laminate floors.

How to Remove Dog Scratches From Laminate Floors

Step 1

Clean your laminate floors thoroughly to remove any excess dirt, and assess the full extent of the damage. There may be more dog scratches than you are initially aware, so be sure and do a full walk around the room so that you are able to address all the scratches at one time.

Step 2

Write down the style and color of your laminate floors and visit the store where you purchased them. Ask an employee if the store carries a repair kit that goes with your particular color and style of floor. If there is not an exact match available, the employee should offer you a repair kit that can be mixed with color to match your floor. It will also be useful to pick up some felt tip markers that can be used to hide minor scratches on laminate floors.

Step 3

Use the felt tip marker on any minor scratches you notice. Follow the directions on the marker and gently draw a line over the area where the scratch exists to blend it into the rest of the flooring. Allow time for the marker to dry before walking on the area where the scratch is located.

Step 4

Prepare the putty that came with your repair kit for the more significant dog scratches on your laminate floor. If the repair kit is designed for your particular floor, it will be ready to use. If you had to purchase a non-specific repair kit, mix the putty in your kit with the paint color recommended at the store until you achieve the right color to match your floor. Scoop a small amount of putty onto the area where the scratch is and spread it onto the floor with a putty knife until it is smooth. Wipe away any surplus putty from the floor with a paper towel and allow it to dry.

Step 5

Continue the process of applying putty on all the dog scratches on your laminate floor.

Step 6

Prevent recurring dog scratches on your laminate floor by keeping your dog's toe nails trim and limiting activities such as fetch while your dog is on the laminate floor.


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