How to Change a Keyless Chuck on a DeWalt Battery Drill

DeWalt is a line of construction supply tools. One of the many innovative machines created by the engineers of DeWalt is the DeWalt battery drill or cordless drill. The DeWalt cordless battery drill has changeable bits and chucks, making it a versatile tool that can be used in different areas of construction. You can switch the chucks and bits based on the particular construction job you are performing, such as drilling a hole on the wall or tightening a screw into place.

It's easy to remove a DeWalt battery drill's keyless chuck.

Step 1

Switch the setting of the drill's clutch and reduce it to the lowest range possible.

Step 2

Open the chuck jaw as wide as you can and use a screwdriver to remove the screw that secures the chuck. Turn the screwdriver clockwise to loosen the screw.

Step 3

Secure the end of a 1/4-inch or larger hex Allen wrench into the chuck. Strike the long end of the wrench counterclockwise with a hammer. This will loosen the old chuck and you can easily take it out.

Step 4

Insert the new chuck where the old chuck was positioned. Turn the chuck counterclockwise until it is secured tightly in place (with a "keyless" chuck, you can hand-tighten the bit into place without using a chuck key).

Step 5

Put back the screw that holds the chuck in place and tighten it well.