How to Replace a Deck Belt on a MTD Riding Mower

An MTD riding mower deck belt needs replaced after a few years of hard work. Replacing the belt is fairly simple as long as the instructions are followed correctly. If they are not followed correctly, the deck may not work properly, and even worse, the machine may become a dangerous machine to operate that may hurt you or someone else. As always, read your owner's manual to obtain all the information you need to be safe.

Fix the belt so you can cut your grass once again.

Step 1

Push the deck adjuster into the lowest height possible. This will make it easier to replace the belt.

Step 2

Tap the screws located around the belt. Once you tap on them, the screws will loosen. These screws keep the blade in place.

Step 3

Pull the belt keeper rod off the belt. This is another piece that keeps the belt intact.

Step 4

Loosen the idler pulley screws if you have a 42-inch mower. All other size decks can skip this step.

Step 5

Pull the deck belt off the pulleys smoothly. Be sure not to pinch your hands between the belt and pulley.

Step 6

Wrap the new belt around the three outside pulleys. One more pulley is located in the middle of the other pulleys. Pull the belt around the inside part of the pulley.

Step 7

Place the belt keeper rod over the belt and tighten the idler pulley screws if you have a 42-inch mower.