How to Strip Wax Off of Floors

Nothing makes flooring, whether it is vinyl or hardwood, shine like a coat of fresh wax. Over time, the wax can collect dust, dirt and debris, which can make even fresh wax look yellow and dirty. To restore flooring to a more natural condition, it is important to remove the old wax. You can purchase the necessary materials to strip wax at most janitorial supply stores, or your local home improvement store.

Revitalize your flooring by removing the wax

Step 1

Remove any furniture or rugs from the flooring. Sweep or vacuum away any dust, debris or dirt.

Step 2

Pour the stripping compound into a bucket filled with water, as per the instructions on the packaging. Stir the compound to dilute it.

Step 3

Apply the stripping compound with a sponge to a 2 by 4-foot section of the flooring. Do not place the compound on too thickly or allow it to seep into the cracks between any tiles, if applicable.

Step 4

Allow the compound to soak into the floor for several minutes.

Step 5

Remove the compound with a scrubbing pad first. This will bring up a lot of the compound and the wax. Scrape away whatever remains with a putty knife.

Step 6

Place the old wax into a small waste basket. Use a squeegee and a dust pan to remove the majority of the wax.

Step 7

Mop the flooring with plain water after removing the wax. Do not use an excessive amount of water.

Step 8

Allow the floor to dry completely before applying a new coat of wax, if desired. Curb foot traffic over the unwaxed flooring because it will not be as well protected.