How to Troubleshoot a Touchless Trashcan

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Touchless trashcans have no cover for you to lift with your hands.

Minimize contact with germ-ridden trashcans and use a touchless trashcan. Such products integrate a simple motion sensor and motor to lift the trashcan's cover when you're near it, keeping your home sanitary and clean. Though dozens of manufacturers sell touchless trashcans, each with different designs and technical specifications, several common problems may arise in all models. Troubleshoot such problems to find the underlying issue and get your touchless trashcan back in working order.

Step 1

Wipe the touchless trashcan's motion sensor if it's slow to respond. Debris may have collected over it and reduced its responsiveness. Use a damp rag moistened with plain water, as many household cleaners are abrasive and may scratch the sensor.

Step 2

Replace the trashcan's batteries if it does not respond at all to your motions. The battery compartment powers the can's motion sensor and automated lid and may be found in the base of the trashcan or in the cover itself. Consult your product's user manual for model-specific guidelines and to discover the type of batteries your trashcan requires.

Step 3

Inspect the hinge on the trashcan's cover if it makes noise when it opens, doesn't open even with fresh batteries installed or only opens partially. Food and other debris may have been caught in the hinge, reducing its ability to open. Plastic models may also get cracked over time. If the material itself is cracked or broken, consult your user's manual to find how to get a replacement hinge.

Step 4

Make sure you're using the right sized trash bag in your touchless trashcan if it keeps falling down inside. Touchless trashcans come in standard volumes, such as 10 gallons or 13 gallons. Use a bag that's labeled for your touchless trashcan's size.

Step 5

Contact the manufacturer of your touchless trashcan if you continue to experience problems. Your manufacturer's toll-free customer service line is typically outlined in the user's manual. The company's representatives can give you additional product-specific troubleshooting guidelines or may provide you with a replacement if your trashcan is covered by its warranty.

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