How to Clean Stuffed Animals With Batteries

By Sarah Coennen

There are several kinds of stuffed animals on the market and some of them have batteries or electronic devices inside the stuffed animals to make them say things, vibrate, or make noises. With regular types of stuffed animals, it takes very little effort to run them through the washing machine and dryer. With electronically enhanced stuffed animals, you cannot put them in the washing machine because you will short circuit the electronic devices within the toy.

Some stuffed animals have a battery pack and the cleaning instructions are a bit different.

Step 1

Run the lint roller all over the stuffed animal.

Step 2

Spray any stains or dingy areas with the stain remover spray. Wait 10 minutes and scrub with an old toothbrush until the stains are removed.

Step 3

Brush over the stuffed animal with the fine toothed comb to remove food particles and other rough spots. Spray the stain remover on any newly discovered stains or spots. Brush with the comb again.

Step 4

Spray the stuffed animal with a fabric refresher and allow the stuffed animal to air dry before replacing it in the bedroom or play room.