How Do I Get a Sprinkler Irrigation License in Florida?

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Things You'll Need

  • Irrigation Contractor's License application

  • Reference books (identified by county)

  • Writing paper

  • Pen

  • Application fee

Irrigation Contractor Exam Preparation

An Irrigation Contractor's License is required if you plan to install lawn sprinkler systems as a for-profit business in the state of Florida, or if you wish to install a new system on your own property without the help of outside contractors. Florida law stipulates that licenses be issued by each individual county you plan to do work in. In some counties a Certificate of Competency may be substituted for a contractor's license. Getting an Irrigation Sprinkler Contractor's License (or Certificate of Competency) is easy to do and can be accomplished in four steps in any county in Florida.

Step 1

Obtain an irrigation license application form from the Florida county in which you wish to do business. These forms may be obtained on line (at the county business website), or at any Licensing Regulation & Enforcement office in the county in which you which to become licensed.

Step 2

Fill out the application in full. Provide as much detail as possible (including all contact information), because if the application is approved, you will be expected to take an examination within 60 days of that approval. Submit the application, along with the application fee (varies by county) to the local Licensing Regulation & Enforcement Office.

Step 3

Promptly fill out the exam registration packet you will receive from the County Licensing Regulation & Enforcement Office upon approval of your submitted application (after they review your application and all documents submitted by you). The packet will have all pertinent details filled out for you with regard to what you must do to sit for the examination.

Step 4

Study for the exam using the materials suggested by the County Licensing Regulation & Enforcement Office. These study materials will be identified in your exam registration packet. Take the exam, and if you attain a passing score (varies by county) you will receive your Irrigation Contractor's License, or Certificate of Competency in the mail.


There are many websites that offer training and exam preparation to take the Irrigation Contractor's Exam for the state of Florida.


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