Calf's leather is a soft, smooth leather often used to make leather jackets and shoes. Since the leather is typically used in garment manufacturing, the leather will receive consistent wear and tear during regular use. Fortunately, calf's leather is easy to clean. By cleaning and conditioning the leather regularly, you will be able to get the longest wear out of the leather.

Calf's leather is durable and easy to clean.

Step 1

Wipe the leather regularly with a soft, dry cloth. This will remove most loose residue and buildup.

Step 2

Moisten the cloth with warm water, and wipe the slightly dampened cloth over the leather for a more thorough cleaning. Be sure to use as little water as possible when cleaning.

Step 3

Apply a spray-on or rub-on leather conditioner to the leather every few months to restore moisture to the leather. Properly conditioning the leather will prevent cracks, wrinkles, and over-drying of the calf's leather.