The Different Types of ADT Alarm Systems

For most people, family is their most valuable possession, so keeping your family safe is of utmost importance. Home alarm systems can help alert you if an intruder is attempting to break in. ADT Security Services is a popular provider of home alarm systems. However, the company offers consumers various choices. If you are looking for a home alarm system from ADT, it's important to understand how these options differ from one another.

An alarm system can keep your home and family safe.

Basic Burglary Systems

ADT offers various basic burglary systems. Its SafeWatch QuickConnect is billed by the company as an easy-to-use control panel system that features wireless accessories, two-way voice communication with ADT's monitoring centers, and a wireless keychain remote.

The SafeWatch Pro RF system includes sophisticated smoke and heat detectors. When triggered, this system notifies the ADT monitoring center, even when no one is home. It also comes with a system battery back-up in the event of a power failure.

ADT's Essentials Plus package comes with an enhanced touch pad, motion sensors, and indoor sounders.

Finally, the company's Critical Conditions system can detect freezing temperatures, which can damage plumbing, and dangerous carbon monoxide gas.

Expanded Systems

ADT's Family Package is more expensive than the basic burglary systems but also includes more protections for your family. It comes with one Safewarch Pro 3000 hardwired control panel, one Safewarch Pro standard touch pad, and one CellGuard Primary Unit, designed to keep your home security system connected to ADT's monitoring centers whenever land-line telephone service is not available. Additionally, it comes with one floor, temperature, and carbon monoxide detector; a transformer and battery backup; indoor sounder; motion detector; and two hardwired door and window sensors.

Customized Protection

This is considered ADT's Gold Standard system. An ADT representative will visit your home to get a good idea of what your security needs are. Customized protection plans include components from some of the previously mentioned systems, plus convenience options such as the SafePass Touchpad, which allows users to wave a tag in front of the touch pad to arm and disarm the system, as opposed to keying in security codes. More advanced security solutions, such as video monitoring and lighting automation, are also offered.

ADT's customized systems are not available in all areas, according to the company's website. To find out if they are available where you live, call the company and ask.