How to Trim Overgrown Bushes & Shrubs

The appearance of the bushes and shrubs in your yard say a lot about you. People will make a basic assumption about you depending on how well kept your yard is, so neat, well-trimmed bushes and shrubs will lead to better first impressions with neighbors and other visitors to your home. Trimming bushes and shrubs is a simple task that can be very enjoyable, for those who take pride in the work they perform, so grab some hedge clippers and enjoy the sun shine and trim up those pesky shrubs and bushes.

Man trimming hedges with shears
credit: Jupiterimages/Pixland/Getty Images
Overgrown bush

Step 1

Remove 1/3 of all of the older branches and stems with the hedge clippers, to allow the sunlight to reach the inner portions of the bush.

Step 2

Clip all of the long stems that are growing close to the ground. This cleans up the underside of the bush and keeps it from sprawling.

Step 3

Cut y-shaped branches just above the split, to promote optimal growth.

Step 4

Thin out the smaller stems with the hand pruners. Make sure to remove only old growth, to enhance the young vibrant look of the plant.

Step 5

Put all of the clippings into a compost heap if you have one, if not dispose of them properly, in trash bags.