How to Convert a Board Foot to a Square Meter

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Measure lumber in board feet.

A board foot is a standard measurement of lumber that indicates the length, width and thickness of a board that equals a total of one square foot. Many lumber companies sell lumber in terms of board feet. If you are using lumber for a project and dealing with metric measurements, you may need to convert board feet to square meters.


Step 1

Determine the dimensions of the board feet. You could have various possibilities that equal one square foot, such as a board that is one inch thick, 12 inches long and one inch wide. Another possibility is a board that is six inches long, two inches wide and one inch thick.

Step 2

Multiply the length times the width of the boards. For example, if have a board that is six inches long by two inches wide, you would have 12 square inches.

Step 3

Convert your square inches to square feet by dividing by 12. For instance, 12 square inches would equal one square foot.

Step 4

Convert square feet to square meters by multiplying by 0.09294. Therefore, one board foot equals 0.09294 square meters.



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