Corian is a man-made resin product, often used to manufacture kitchen and bathroom counter tops. Corian is very durable and nonporous, which makes it an excellent counter top. Often, however, it does not come pre-drilled due to the wide variety of sink faucets available. Fortunately you do not need any special drills or exotic drill bits to drill Corian, but you will need to use only certain kinds of bits to avoid fracturing the material as you drill.

Corian counter tops come in a variety of styles and are easily drilled.

Step 1

Lay your Corian counter top on a flat area.

Step 2

Place masking tape or painter's tape over the general area where you will be drilling. Do not overlap the layers of tape, but be generous in covering a relatively large area.

Step 3

Measure and mark out on your masking tape or painter's tape the exact locations where you need to drill holes. Measure carefully from a variety of angles to make certain you will be drilling in the right place.

Step 4

Drill a small hole just slightly smaller than the pilot on your hole saw in the exact center of the hole you are planning to drill. Use a sharp spiral drill bit or router bit to drill this hole and place only minimal pressure on the bit as you are drilling.

Step 5

Insert the pilot of your hole saw into the hole you just drilled and then slowly drill out your hole using the correct-size hole saw. Your hole saw must be sharp; this is essential for a smooth, clean cut. Use a relatively slow drill speed and only use minimal pressure on the hole saw, allowing the sharp blade of the saw to do the work for you.

Step 6

Sand the edges of the hole when you are done in order to smooth and take away any sharp edges. Check the size of the holes by inserting the faucets or other appliances.