How to Care for Frigidaire Window Unit Air Conditioners

Electrolux Frigidaire window unit air conditioners, also known as "window-mounted" air conditioners, require regular care and maintenance after installation to not only maintain air cooling and filtering efficiency levels, but also meet safety requirements. Caring for a Frigidaire window unit air conditioner isn't difficult. You only need to create unobstructed airflow to the air conditioner, clean monthly to reduce harmful debris or mold build-up and reduce the amount of exposure the unit has to harsh or extreme weather conditions.

Step 1

Clear the area around the front or back of your Frigidaire window unit air conditioner so that objects such as furniture, curtains and shrubs don't block the unit's air intake panels and vents. In addition, remove items such as birds' nests, leaves or other debris from the outside window ledge and back of the unit as needed.

Step 2

Turn off and unplug your air conditioner.

Step 3

Clean the filter at least once a month. Remove the front grill panel to access the filter; or pull up on a filter tab located at the top center of the grill to pull the filter up and out of the unit. Once removed, vacuum it with a brush attachment and then wash with a mild dish detergent in warm water. Rinse thoroughly under running water and air dry before re-inserting into your unit.

Step 4

Wipe clean the unit's exterior. Soak a non-textured, lint-free microfiber cloth in warm, soapy water. Wring as much excess water from the cloth as possible and then wipe the controls and cabinet to remove dirt, dust, oils and stains. Rinse with a non-soapy, damp cloth and then wipe dry.

Step 5

Remove the unit from the window and store it at the end of the summer season each year in preparation for winter. Follow the installation instructions from your owner's manual in reverse to remove the unit. Clean it completely. After it dries, wrap in plastic or place in a box and then store.