How to Change the Combination on a Cannon Gun Safe

Approximately 1.8 million home burglaries occur annually in the United States. While there are precautions that homeowners can take, there's no surefire way to prevent these crimes. If you're a gun owner, a safe is the best investment you can make in order to protect yourself and your family and keep your valuables from getting in the hands of criminals.

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How to Change the Combination on a Canon Gun Safe

What An NL Safe Lock Looks Like

Cannon safes have a variety of security features which differ from safe to safe, but many of the company's units come with a digital NL safe lock that you can program, and you can change the code as many times as you wish. NL lock keypads on Cannon gun safes are round and have three rows and four columns of programmable digits.

Changing the Combination on an NL Lock Keypad

Every new Cannon gun safe comes with an existing six-digit code preset to 1-2-3-4-5-6. To change the safe preset code on your NL lock keypad, enter the combination and turn the safe handle in the counterclockwise direction before pulling the door open. If you hear one long beep after entering the code, the lock did not recognize the preset combination and the safe will not open, so you may have to start over. Once the door is open, turn the handle clockwise to put it in the locked position. When the door is in this position, you will see the bolts protruding from it.

On the keypad, press "0" and hold it for a few seconds until you hear a double beep. Enter the safe preset code of 1-2-3-4-5-6. You will again hear a double beep. Choose another six-digit code of your liking and enter it to cause the lock to beep two more times. Then, re-enter your chosen code. If you hear a double beep, your new code is valid. However, if you hear one long beep, the preset code is still in use and you'll have to start over.

If You Lose or Forget Your Combination

If you can't remember your safe combination, call the retailer at which you bought your safe and give them the unit's serial number, which you can find on the right side of the safe in the upper corner. The dealer in turn will contact Cannon with the information to retrieve your combination. This is done to protect you and your valuables, should anyone fraudulently try to recover your personal information. Cannon saves safe lock combinations for up to one year. There is no master code for any of their units.

Changing Your NL Safe Lock Battery

Because Cannon safe locks are digital and not manual, they have a battery that can occasionally be faulty. Also, the battery will need to be replaced over time. If you open your safe frequently, the battery will die quicker than if you do not. You should replace a Cannon safe lock battery every six months. The battery should be a 100 percent alkaline, nonlithium and nonrechargeable Energizer or Duracell battery with a five-year expiration date.

To change the battery, unlock the safe and leave the door open. Locate the battery tray on the bottom of the NL lock keypad and slide the slot's latch open to remove the battery. Connect the new battery and slide it back in place before closing the slot's latch on the keypad. Test the combination before shutting the safe door to ensure that the keypad is working correctly.

If your safe doesn't open or is otherwise faulty, contact Cannon customer service at 800-242-1055.

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Michelle Nati

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