Homemade Geese Repellent

Your yard is home to more than just shrubs, flower beds and a few pieces of lawn furniture. Pests live everywhere. Some you can see, some you can't. One common pest, especially if you live within range of a body of water, is geese. These birds are beautiful, and are a joy to watch gliding across ponds and lakes, but when they make your lawn their home, along with that comes droppings and loose feathers, and your flowers become meals. Fortunately you can make your own repellents to keep troublesome geese at bay.

Geese are beautiful animals, but can easily become a pest.

Plastic Bag Repellent

Step 1

Tie plastic bags, such as the ones that you bring your groceries home in, to poles or tree branches a couple feet off the ground. Use twist ties, yarn, or garden twine--anything strong enough to hold up to the wind. The bags should be secure but able to move in the breeze, as the movement is what will scare the geese off.

Step 2

Secure brightly colored balloons onto the chair arms of your outdoor furniture, or drive a few stakes into the ground and tie the balloons to the stakes as an alternative to using plastic bags. Again, you can use yarn, garden twine, or another strong material to secure the balloons into place yet allow them to move. The geese will view the balloons as a threat and when they are unable to scare them away, the geese will decide it's time to go.

Step 3

Remove the bags and balloons and dispose of them after the geese have moved on to other feeding grounds. If the geese return, you can repeat one of these methods again. Eventually the geese will become too uncomfortable to return.

Jason M. Bruner

Jason M. Bruner is a freelance writer who has been in the field for more than five years. His content has been previously published on various websites.