Areas with relatively high water tables benefit from sand point wells. The wells, up to 22 feet deep, supply water in many areas. You can accomplish this by driving the sand points into the ground. You will need mauls or pipe drivers to hammer the pipe of the well casing into the ground. Occasionally you will need to remove the sand point and well casing from the ground.

Wells come in all shapes and designs.

Pulling a Sand Point

Step 1

Create a working area around the head of the well by digging out enough soil to provide access to the pipe. This may not be necessary If the well casing extends above ground.

Step 2

Attach a pipe clamp to the well casing pipe at a point where hydraulic jacks can be placed on the ground and provide lift to the clamp and attached pipe. Place the jacks on a level surface, removing soil, if necessary, below the clamps.

Step 3

Place two hydraulic jacks on opposite sides of the pipe clamp. Use both jacks to lift the well casing from the well shaft. Raising the pipe a few inches may break it free from the confines of the well. Lift the well casing manually from the well. This usually requires two people working together.

Step 4

Continue lifting the well casing out of the well. The sand point well should be less than 22 feet deep. The pipe is usually in 7-foot sections joined by threaded fittings. Disconnect sections if the entire well casing can't be removed as a single piece.