Composition roofing is a manufactured roofing material that is comprised of several materials. With so many types of roofing materials to choose from including wood, metal, ceramic, stone and composition it can be difficult to decide. Composition roofing is an excellent option for its durability, safety, price and color options.

New Roof


Composite roofs are made of a combination of materials including asphalt, tar paper, fiber-cement and waste paper making them a sustainable and environmentally sound choice. Some manufacturers use reclaimed materials as well.


Roofing your home with composition roofing material is an economical choice because of the durability factor. Traditional wood shingles may last fifteen to twenty years but composite roofing can last as many as thirty to fifty years. Manufacturers are also adding special features to this product by making them resistance to moss and algae growth and sun damage.


By mimicking traditional shake roofs, composite roofs have the beauty of the wood product but the strength and durability of a composite piece. Composite shingles do not blister, peel or warp and have very little fading over their lifespan.

Color Choices

There is wide color range of composite shingles and a wide choice of shapes. The strip style of shingle is the least expensive and the most common. Laminated shingles are made to replicate the look of wood and are a thicker material.

Advanced Technology

With the advances in technology of this product, unless you are a professional roofer or produce the product it is unlikely you will be able to tell the difference between composite roofs and traditional roofing material. These roofs always come with a warranty and many manufacturers give a lifetime warranty.