A window sash is the moving section of a window, generally a single pane of glass framed for its protection. When the glass in a window requires replacement, you must remove the sash to access the pane. Metal windows have sashes that are manufactured to be easily detached, requiring the removal of a few securing pieces first. Because of the easy-to-access manufacturing process of a metal window, you can finish the entire process of removing a sash in a matter of minutes. No prior experience is required, and the necessary tools are available in any homeowner's toolkit.

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Step 1

Remove the stops that hold the sash in the window frame. The stops are vertical bars in the inside edge of the window frame in front of the sash. Remove the stops either by unscrewing them from the window frame or, if no screws are used, by prying them away from the frame using a small pry bar or large screwdriver.

Step 2

Pull the stops directly up from both sides of the frame and place them aside for later use to replace the sash.

Step 3

Remove the lower sash from the metal window frame by pressing the jamb liners at both sides of the sash into the wall. The jamb liners are the grooved side pieces of the frame that guides the sash as it moves up and down in the window frame. Depress both jamb liners with your thumbs into the side of the wall away from the top of the sash, revealing the top sash corners. Tilt the sash top forward out of the frame and past the liners. Pull the sash from the rest of the frame to remove.

Step 4

Remove the upper sash by first removing the parting beads from the sash. Parting beads are the small vertical rails in the frame between the lower and upper sash. Unscrew or pry off the parting beads according to how the frame is manufactured and remove the sash from the frame. Unscrew the upper sash from the window frame itself if no parting beads were used and the sash was directly secured to the frame. As with the lower sash, press the jamb liners away from the sash into the frame and tilt the sash forward. Pull the sash the rest of the way out of the frame.