As winter melts away everyone's thoughts soon turn to springtime and the feeling of the world reborn. As you and your family head out into the warm spring air be sure to discuss some spring safety topics to keep everyone safe.

When spring has sprung, consider some new safety tips.


Allergies are a big part of spring for many people. Get advice from your doctor on which allergy medication to keep handy and have it ready for anyone in the family that needs it.


Over the winter some dangerous household chemicals such as paint thinner and chemical cleaners may have sat in the garage or under the kitchen sink. Contact your local waste authority and find out how to properly dispose of these chemicals.

Pool Safety

Spring is when it is time to open the pool and enjoy fun and sun in the backyard. Before opening the pool be sure to go over the safety rules with everyone that will be using it. Check your pool components such as the skimmer and filter thoroughly before opening the pool.

Fire Safety

The warm days of spring are a good time to go over the fire escape plan with your family and start doing some practice drills to make sure everyone knows what to do and where to go.

Mower Safety

The lawn mower has been sitting all winter and needs a few things done before it can safely be used. Make sure to change out all of the fluids in the mower, and clean out any old grass that is still on the blade.