How to Troubleshoot a LG Dishwasher Not Drying Dishes

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Things You'll Need

  • 4.8oz Rinse Aid

  • Toothpick

The drying system is dependent on a rinse aid.

LG dishwashers have an extra tall tub which allows you to load very large items in both the upper and lower racks, so it's great for gourmet kitchens. The dishwasher uses what LG calls a "hybrid" drying system which effectively dries dishes without using a heating element. This reduces energy consumption significantly. The drying system is dependent on a rinse aid though, and a lamp will illuminate if the rinse aid is low.

Step 1

Identify the Rinse Aid warning light on the display panel. It's pretty much right in the middle and is marked "Rinse Aid."

Step 2

Check the light and add rinse aid if the light is illuminated. The dry cycle will not work properly if the rinse aid has run out. Rotate the round cap counterclockwise to remove it. Add to the maximum fill level.

Step 3

Replace the rinse aid cap and turn clockwise.

Step 4

Make sure the rinse aid adjustment lever is set to factory specified level 3. The setting is under the cap. Setting it too high will cause foaming. Too low will contribute to poor drying.

Step 5

Check for a kinked drain hose if water remains in the tub. Clean out the air gap—it's on the sink—if the water isn't draining properly and run the waste disposal if your dishwasher drains into it.

Step 6

Check the cycle has completed fully.


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