The world's obsession with roses as symbols of love and devotion has been around for thousands of years. From Europe to China to the Middle East, roses grow all over the world. In great demand, many different types and colors of roses have been cultivated. For those who want to say something with the flowers they give, roses have special meanings assigned to each color.

Cream-colored roses portray charm.


Ever since the Roman Empire, roses have been used to communicate feelings. However, according to Rose Works, the meaning of roses has changed over the centuries. Some cultures offered different meanings than others. During the Victorian era, roses began to represent hidden messages because of social restrictions on what was permissible to be spoken in public.


Studies of Love states that cream-colored roses are associated with charm, thoughtfulness and gracefulness. Cream-colored roses also represent richness and perfection, according to What Roses Mean.


Because a cream-colored rose does not signify love or passion, it is a rose that can be used for many different occasions. If a person simply wants to tell a friend that he is charming or that his thoughtfulness is appreciated, a cream-colored rose sends the message without indicating romantic feelings.


Cream-colored roses can be paired with pink "thank you" roses. This would be a perfect gift to a hostess who has shown thoughtfulness in inviting you into her home. Or consider giving them to a loved one who may be lonely or going through a hard time as a gesture that she is charming to you. Don't forget to include a note explaining the meaning of the roses you are giving.


For those interested in growing their own symbols of charm and thoughtfulness, there are many varieties of cream-colored roses. Remember that a cream-colored rose is not quite the same as a white rose; they are considered different varieties (and mean different things). Some of these roses will vary in creaminess with hues of yellow, pink, or white mixed in. Some good varieties to try are Irish Hope (which is a mix between a yellow and a cream), Lion's Fairy Tale, Cream Abundance, or French Lace.