Homemade Dust Mop Treatment

Cleaning your home is a never-ending task. There is always something that needs to be washed, dried, shined or dusted. The biggest problem that most housekeepers face is dust. Unlike carpet, which traps and holds dust, other floor types such as hardwood, linoleum and tile require the use of a dust mop for proper dust removal. There are cleaners made especially for dust mops but they can be expensive. By following these few simple steps, you can whip up your own dust mop treatment and be on your way clean home your guests will admire.

Cleaning your home can be both simple and effective.

Step 1

Fill your spray bottle with tap water, leaving about 2 inches between the top of the bottle, and the surface of the water.

Step 2

Add 2 to 3 tbsp. of household ammonia to the water in the spray bottle.

Step 3

Screw on the top to the spray bottle and gently shake the bottle to mix the ammonia and water together. Shake the bottle away from your face in case there are any leaks that could potentially get splashed into your eyes.

Step 4

Spray the bottom of your dust mop with your ammonia-water mixture. Do not completely saturate the dust mop until it is dripping, just dampen it.

Step 5

Begin cleaning. After about 10 or 15 swipes with your dust mop, spray the bottom of the dust mop again. This will ensure that the dust mop is always damp and will remove the dust.

Jason M. Bruner

Jason M. Bruner is a freelance writer who has been in the field for more than five years. His content has been previously published on various websites.