What Are the Dangers of Magnets?

Magnets have many uses in the world today, but they also are the cause for danger. To understand these dangers, one must understand what a magnet is. A magnet is any object with a magnetic field. One end of the magnet has a pole, labeled either "North" or "South." These opposite poles are attracted to each other. In some cases, the attraction has such a great amount of force behind it that it can be a danger to people.

Magnets May Cause Danger

Magnets May be a Danger Toward Children

Magnets May Endanger Children

Magnets are used in a variety of products. The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission reports that magnets are a danger for small children, namely young boys between 10 and 11 months of age who may play with toys that include small magnets. These toys can break, and the magnets can fall out of the toys. Children may even eat magnets.This can cause a child to choke, and possibly be fatal. Toys given to young children should be checked if anything is loose or looks like it can break easily.

Magnets May Affect Heart Health

Magnets Can Affect Pacemakers

Magnets aren't harmful to just children, however. An adult can be affected by magnetic pull. Neodymium magnets have enough force to lift 22 pounds of weight. Also, these sorts of magnets can be hazardous to medical patients, as they have the ability to disrupt pacemakers. People with heart conditions are then susceptible to heart failure, and if not addressed in time, can die.

Magnets May Endanger Computers

Magnets Can Affect Harddrive

Magnets can hurt tools as well. A computer contains a device called a hard drive. These hard drives hold all the information available on the computer. When a magnet gets near the hard drive, the magnetic field can disrupt the hard drive and ruin its contents. According to PC World Magazine, information once accessible can become "garbage" and can no longer be used. This can have a serious consequence: important letters, documents, bank information and other important personal property can be destroyed.

Lisa Basile

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