How to Clean Leather With Furniture Polish

In time, leather can become dingy and dull. Cleaning the leather at least once a month will keep the shine and appeal. Added cleaning may be necessary if spills or stains happen to the leather. Furniture polish can be used to clean and shine a variety of leather goods such as purses, shoes or furniture.

Clean certain leather products with furniture polish.

Step 1

Place the soft brush attachment on the vacuum. Press lightly and vacuum the dust off the leather product.

Step 2

Spray four squirts or two capfuls of furniture polish on the lint-free cloth. Take one end of the cloth and fold it over. Rub together and reopen.

Step 3

Rub the leather product with the cloth. Wipe down with a circular motion.

Step 4

Add additional furniture polish to the cloth as needed. Depending on the size of the product, this may require four or five extra polish applications to the cloth.