How to Adjust the Deck on a Troy-Bilt Lawn Mower

If your newly mown lawn has an uneven look to it and your blades are not dull, the problem may rest with the deck on your Troy-Bilt tractor lawn mower. For the mower's two blades to work optimally, they have to be level while rotating. Sometimes, if encountering bumps or holes in your lawn, your Troy-Bilt mower deck can fall out of alignment and require adjustment. Adjusting the deck doesn't require particular skills, just time. You should be able to complete the chore in less than 10 minutes.

Father and son on tractor mower
credit: Comstock/Comstock/Getty Images

Step 1

Park the mower on a solid, level surface. Disconnect the spark plug wire, and remove the key from the ignition to prevent the mower from starting while you're adjusting its mower deck.

Step 2

Place work gloves on your hands to prevent from getting cut when coming into contact with the mower's blades. Put the mower deck in its highest possible position by moving the deck lift lever to the top notch.

Step 3

Position both blades so that they are perpendicular to the lawn tractor if making a side-to-side deck adjustment or parallel with the tractor if making a front-to-rear adjustment.

Step 4

Use a tape measure to measure both outside tips of the right and left blades if making a side-to-side adjustment. Use an adjustable wrench to partially unscrew the hex cap screw located on the left deck hanger bracket if the blades are not equidistant from the ground. Do not remove the hex cap screw.

Step 5

Use a wrench to rotate the adjustment gear behind the hex cap screw to balance the deck. Turn the adjustment gear counterclockwise to bring the side of the deck closer to the ground or clockwise to lift it from the ground. Measure both exterior blade tips to determine whether the deck is level or whether more adjustment is necessary.

Step 6

Use a wrench to tighten the hex cap screw on the left deck hanger once you have established that the deck is level.

Step 7

Measure how close the front and back of the blade tip are to the ground if making a front-to-rear deck adjustment. Proceed to the next step if the front tip is not 1/4 to 3/8 inches lower to the ground than the back.

Step 8

Loosen the jam nut on the stabilizer bracket's front face, which is also where the lock nut is located. Raise the the deck front by tightening the lock nut; lower the deck front by loosening the lock nut. Tighten the jam nut once you have completed the front-to-rear adjustment.