How to Remove Lint from Microfiber Fabric

Microfiber is a type of synthetic material containing fibers that are much smaller than traditional fabrics. Technically considered polyester, microfiber material is used to cover furniture, chairs, pillows and is also used to make cleaning cloths. As a material, it is very soft and resembles leather. It is durable, lightweight and comes in a variety of colors. Cleaning or removing lint from microfiber material can be done quickly and cheaply.

Use a lint roller to clean microfiber fabric.

Step 1

Attach the brush attachment to your vacuum. Turn the vacuum on, and vacuum the microfiber material. Be sure to vacuum under cushions and pillows on couches and loveseats to remove dirt, dust and any pet hair.

Step 2

Use a lint brush or lint roller to clean the material. Sweep the lint brush by brushing it back and forth over the material. Alternatively roll the lint roller gently over the material to pick up fine hairs, dust and other traces of dirt.

Step 3

Cut a small piece of masking tape and roll it into a ball shape. Gently pat the furniture or fabric to remove excess lint.

Eliana Kalsky

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