The Sleep Number bed gives consumers the opportunity to select a number between zero and 100 to choose their perfect combination for comfort. The number sets the firmness and support. Manufactured by Select Comfort, Sleep Number bed mattresses use air chambers rather than metal coils and springs like most other mattresses. The mattresses also have separate controls for each side of the bed, so couples can choose their own settings. You can troubleshoot many Sleep Number bed repairs at home.

Common repairs with your Sleep Number bed.

Mattress Loses Air (Single Chamber)

Step 1

Ensure the hoses are tightly connected if your mattress is losing air. Push the hoses together until you hear a click.

Step 2

Examine the connectors in the hose for damage if your mattress still loses air.

Step 3

Reconnect the pump and the air chamber; fill the bed to your comfort setting plus 15 while lying as if you were sleeping.

Step 4

Take the hose off the air chamber and quickly put the air chamber cap back on.

Step 5

Leave the cap on the air chamber for at least two days.

Step 6

Call customer service at 1-888-580-9237 if the air chamber loses air after 48 hours. If the air chamber has not lost air, you can reconnect the pump and the air chamber.

Mattress Loses Air (Dual Air Chamber)

Step 7

Ensure the hoses are tightly connected if your mattress is losing air. Push the hoses together until you hear a click.

Step 8

Inflate both air chambers to 100. Let the remote go blank after both air chambers have reached 100.

Step 9

Wake the remote by pressing "L" or "R". Hold down the up arrow button until the remote shows "20." This starts a diagnostic test, which will take about 20 minutes.

Step 10

Write down the results of the test and run a second diagnostic test. If either the first or second diagnostic test shows a "no" after the test, your air chamber is not losing air. You can reconnect the hoses and use the bed. If either test shows "LL" or "Lr" call customer service at 1-888-580-9237 and give them the results of both diagnostic tests.

Step 11

Press and hold both the up arrow and the down arrow until it shows the current Sleep Number setting to exit the diagnostic test.

Firmness Control Remote Problems

Step 12

Check to make sure the Firmness Control System is plugged tightly into the wall if it does not work or shows "Er." The Firmness Control System is a remote/pump combination that sets the firmness of the bed.

Step 13

Plug the Firmness Control System into another outlet if it still does not work. The unit will click when it has power.

Step 14

Check to make sure the cord is plugged into the side of the remote.

Step 15

Wait until the display shuts off and then adjust the bed again. Move the remote control over a few inches to the right or left of where it was before.

Step 16

Call the Customer Service number on the back of the remote if the system still does not work.