How to Check the Chainsaw Chain Oiler

The oil pump controls the oil output on your chainsaw. The chain oiler regulates the amount of oil released onto the bar during cutting. When the chain oiler isn't working correctly or is clogged, the bar will not have proper lubrication. This can cause excessive friction on the tip and in the engine. Proper chain lubrication is essential to maximize the performance of your chainsaw.


Step 1

Start the saw and let it warm up. Depress the throttle all the way. Hold the bar's tip about an inch away from a piece of wood. Look for tiny oil splattering against the wood. If you see oil your chain is properly lubricated.

Step 2

Turn off the saw and release the chain brake. The chain brake is the plastic handle directly in front of the handle for your left hand.

Step 3

Turn the saw upside down and locate the oiler adjustment screw. The screw will have a picture of a plus and minus sign with a little oil can next to it. Turn the screw in the direction of the plus sign to increase the oil volume on the bar.

Step 4

Start the saw again and run the same oil check as in step one.

Step 5

Remove the clutch cover, the bar and chain from the engine. Take the chain off the bar.

Step 6

Inspect the bar for any nicks or burrs that may be causing the chain to slide improperly across the bar. Replace the bar if it is heavily damaged or worn.

Step 7

Clean the bar's guide slots with a thin piece of metal. The saw's oil plate is a good, handy tool that you can remove and use to scrap out the length of the bar. Make sure both sides are free of old oil, dirt and sawdust.

Step 8

Reattach the chain, bar and clutch cover. Restart the saw and perform the same test as in step one.

If the Problem Persists

Step 1

Check the oil lines to make sure they aren't cracked or damaged. Replace lines that show heavy wear and tear.

Step 2

Drain the oil tank and clean it out with a rag, metal brush and a little carburetor cleaner.

Step 3

Remove the oil filter and oil tank vent if you still have a problem and replace with new parts.