How to Remove the Film From the Glass on a French Door

Manufacturers place film over the glass panels in French doors to protect the glass during shipping and handling. Once your door is painted or stained and installed, it is safe to remove the film. The longer the film is left on the glass, the harder it will be to remove. Exposure to heat and sunlight causes the adhesive to melt on and the plastic to yellow, creating a big ugly mess. There is a simple way to remove this film from the glass panels of a French door that will remove it completely without scratching.

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Step 1

Score the film along the edges where the glass and door frame meet. Use enough pressure to break through the plastic, but not dig and scratch the glass. Working with a sharp, fresh blade helps.

Step 2

Peel the film slowly from top to bottom. If it is starting to stick and rip, use the scraper to loosen the bond as you slowly pull. An extra person may be helpful here.

Step 3

Loosen any remaining adhesive or plastic film by wetting it with a cotton ball soaked in acetone. Be careful not to get any on the door frame, as it will dry out and damage the wood and its finish.

Step 4

Let it sit for a moment and scrape the acetone-soaked plastic off with the scraper.

Step 5

Use another acetone-soaked cotton ball to remove any leftover bits of adhesive.

Laura Bramble

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