Tee Tree Oil Recipe for Killing Mold

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Tea tree oil, which comes from the melaleuca tree, has a wide range of uses, from clearing acne to killing bacteria in your home. It is a powerful anti-mold agent that you can use on tile grout, mildew-covered walls, in laundry and in a wide range of other places. Best of all, tea tree oil has no known harmful effects, like those chemicals you find in other cleaners. All you need to know is the right recipe and how to use it.


How to Use Tea Tree Oil to Kill Mold

Tea tree oil is all natural, so it's fairly gentle, but at the same time it's a very powerful antiseptic and antibacterial agent. There are several ways that tea tree oil can be used. The first way is to mix it in a spray can. To do this, put two teaspoons of tea tree oil in a spray bottle with two cups of warm water. The conversion here is simply teaspoons of tea tree oil to cups of water, so you can make it in any quantity.

Once you have your spray bottle, find an area that is affected with mold, whether it be a closet wall, tile grout or your children's toys. Spray the affected area lightly and let it sit. You do not have to wipe away the excess; you can simply let it dry. There will be a fairly strong smell, which will dissipate after a few days. It is not a bad odor, just an antiseptic smell. You can reapply if the area was badly affected with mold.


Other Uses

You can use the same recipe to also make a warm solution in a bucket for mopping or wet washing countertops, stoves, sinks or pet areas. Just apply it as you would your normal cleaner, and you shouldn't ever need a chemical cleaner again.

You can also use tea tree oil in your laundry to rid towels and other fabrics of mold. Just add 1/2 teaspoon to your laundry and run a normal cycle. Your towels will come out clean and dry without that musty smell.