How to Program Your Garage Door Opener Remote

By Laurie Reeves

Newer garage door openers have a smart-learn button that makes programming your opener as easy as pushing the button. Locate the button near where the wiring feeds into the garage door opener itself, usually near the light or inside its cover. Push, and then release the button; its light-emitting diode will stay on for about 30 seconds. Within that time, push and hold the button on the remote that you want to open the door. Release the button after the lights on the opener flicker twice or you hear two clicks.


Controlling Lights


You can also program your remote to control the lights that come on when the garage door operates. Stand next to the door control element affixed to the house, near the entry from the garage into your home. Select another button on the remote that you want to control the light. Push and hold that button -- with the garage door closed -- as you push and hold the button on the door control that turns on the light. After that, push and hold the lock button on the door control while still holding the light button. Once the garage door opener lights flicker, release all the buttons.

Dip-Switch Remotes


Older garage door openers require setting a series of dip switches -- up to as many as twelve switches -- on the opener and the remote to the same pattern. The switches are found on the opener near where the wiring feeds into the unit, usually behind the light cover or attached in a separate box. To access the switches on the remote, open the battery compartment on the remote. Each of the switches has an on or off position, just set the switches on the remote and the opener to the same positions; for example, switches 1 through 4 may be toggled "Off" and "On" with switches 5 through 12 in the "On" position. Just make them match each other, and then test the remote. Avoid using simple settings, such as the buttons all on, all off, or each one toggled to the opposite setting -- these are simple codes that burglars know as well.