What Are the Benefits of a Post Office Box?

Post office boxes are available through most United States Postal Service (USPS) locations. These boxes provide numerous benefits to customers, from their 24/7 availability to privacy protection and more.

Try a post office box instead!


At most USPS offices, post office boxes are in an an area of the facility that's always open, so you can pick up your mail any time, day or night.


Locked post office boxes are built into an interior wall of the USPS location, accessible only by postal workers and owners of the boxes. As an additional security measure, only one unique key is provided to the box owner (to be replaced only if lost).


No matter how often you move, your post office box address remains the same and you never need to miss mail with change of addresses.


If you leave on vacation, or travel on business, your mail is held for you at your post office box, ready to be picked up when you're ready.

Privacy Protection

Putting your private home address on forms, applications, Internet orders and so on compromises your privacy because the address can be added to searchable databases, mailing lists and other publications without your knowledge. By using a post office box address instead, you safeguard your private home address.