By Tracy Morris

If you need to repair a wall in your mobile home, replacing paneling or sheetrock can create problems. Most mobile homes are not designed for the weight of commercially sold sheetrock. Also, most commercial sheetrock is sold in textured or vinyl-covered patterns that are constantly kept up-to date. If your walls are more than a few years old, it may be impossible to find special mobile home paneling to match the rest of your home. Instead, you can use commercial paneling and sheet rock, provided you lighten the weight on the studs of your home.

an electric power drill
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Step 1

Cut wood paneling in thirds.

Step 2

Attach these 1/3-sized panels to the bottom of your walls to create wainscoting to hide damage in the lower sections of your home.

Step 3

Purchase commercial drywall manufactured for stationary homes.

Step 4

Cut this drywall to fit the upper portion of your wall that is not covered by paneling.

Step 5

Attach drywall to the top sections of your walls using drywall screws. Cover screws with drywall mud, and seams with drywall tape. The reduced size of your paneling and drywall will be less heavy and reduce the weight strain on your mobile home studs.

Step 6

Paint your drywall.

Step 7

Cover the seam between the drywall and paneling by installing wooden trim.