What Is the Meaning of White Roses With Red Tips?

White roses with red tips are commonly called "Double Delight" roses. The body of the flower is white, with a gradual darkening of a pink hue to red tips.

Blooming white rose
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The white rose signifies purity, and the red rose signifies passionate love; the combination of the two colors together conveys both meanings. It also implies a form of unity between the giver and the receiver.


Double Delight roses are frequently bushy and have long, prickly stems.


According to Rose-Gardening-Made-Easy.com, Double Delight roses are the most commonly grown roses around the world.


The language of roses began in Persia and moved to Europe during the 18th century. During the 19th century lovers were able to communicate their sentiments by using flowers, never having to say a word.


Care for flowers by cutting the bottom of the stem at a diagonal and then placing in cool water. The new, angled cut will allow the flower to drink up more water, keeping the bloom looking lovely longer.