The Advantages of Tide Detergent

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Tide HE is formulated for high efficiency washers.

Tide is a laundry room staple and an example of how user needs and product innovation have mixed to generate new, useful products since 1946. Today, Tide's manufacturer, Proctor & Gamble (P&G), makes more than 25 kinds of Tide detergent with something for everyone.


Tide replaced old-fashioned soap flakes in 1946.

Tide detergents contain enzymes for better stain removal. Tide Stain Release is an in-wash booster that works with detergents for hard-to-remove stains.

Powdered vs. Liquid

Tide comes in more than a dozen types of powdered detergents, which are good for soil removal, and liquid detergents, which are better on greasy stains.

Tide for Cold Water

Tide Coldwater saves energy bills and wear on clothes.

Cold-water washing saves the average household $63 per year on energy bills, but consumers thought cold water would not wash clothes well. To address this issue, P&G developed Tide Coldwater, which provides deep cleaning in cold water and less wear on clothes.

Other Tide Products

Tide uses enzymes to remove stains.

Tide makes specially formulated detergents with stain fighters, bleach alternative, fabric softeners and fresheners. Tide's most recent detergent not only cleans but also preserves clothes' color and shape over 30 washes.

Fun Fact

Over four years, Tide Loads of Hope's truck helped families in disaster areas clean 30,000 loads of laundry.

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