How to Add Height to Kitchen Chairs

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Things You'll Need

  • Kitchen chair

  • Chair cushion

  • 4 chair raisers

  • 4 casters

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It can be tricky to find kitchen chairs that are exactly the right height for a table or counter. You may even prefer to sit higher on a chair that comes with a table. Whatever the reason, there is always a solution to adding height to a kitchen chair. It simply depends on what specific needs you are trying to meet and what is important to you.

Step 1

Add cushions to the seat if your goal is simply to sit higher in the kitchen chair. Most stores specializing in home goods carry a selection of seat cushions that can easily be tied to the back of the chair or around the seat. For extra height, choose a thick, firm cushion to ensure you do not sink down when you sit. If the chair already has a cushion attached, consider swapping it out for a thicker option.

Step 2

Purchase chair raisers to give height to kitchen chairs if you will not be moving the chairs around frequently. Chair raisers are easy to use; you simply place one raiser under each leg of any chair. The raisers should come in a package of four, and you can choose varying heights depending on how much height you would like to add. The thing you must be aware of when deciding to use chair raisers is that most of them do not attach to the legs individually but simply sit under them; this will make it difficult to move the chair around from place to place freely without having to reset the raisers under the chair each time.

Step 3

Attach chair casters to the bottom of each leg of the kitchen chair. Casters are wheels that can be attached to the bottom of the legs of almost any type of chair; they are often found on the legs of rolling office chairs. Some chairs come with a place to add them, but a small hole can be drilled into the bottom of most chair legs to accommodate them otherwise. Casters will not only add height to the kitchen chair, but it will also convert it into a rolling chair to make it easy to move about the floor freely (the wheels can also be locked in place if you do not wish to move the chair). According to the "Caster City" website, be careful to purchase the right kind of casters for the surface on which they will be used, not only to avoid unwanted scratches and streaks, but also to make sure the wheels glide properly.

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