How to Remove a Cigarette Smoke Smell With a Fogger

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Things You'll Need

  • Fogger

  • Liquid cleaning solution

  • Cleaning mask

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Depending on how long items in your home have been exposed to cigarettes, the smell from cigarette smoke can linger. The obtrusive smell of smoke can penetrate anything from clothes to carpeting and walls. Whether you want to rid your own home of cigarette smoke smell, or you have moved into a new home that you want to clean, using a fogger is one of the fastest and easiest ways to eliminate the odor.


Step 1

Buy or rent a smoke-removal fogger. You can find a fogger at most hardware stores or cleaning supply stores. Make sure that you look for a fogger or smoke bomb that is specifically designed to eliminate the odors associated with cigarette smoke.

Step 2

Put on a cleaning mask to protect your respiratory system. Though most foggers do not use liquid deodorizers with harsh chemicals, if you are specifically sensitive to aerosols or cleaning sprays, you may want to wear a mask.

Step 3

Fill the fogger with the liquid cleaning solution. This solution should be sold directly with the fogger. If your fogger does not come with liquid cleaning solution, purchase a solution that is designed to work with a fogger to eliminate cigarette smoke.


Step 4

Plug in the fogger into an electrical outlet.

Step 5

Turn on the fogger. On most foggers you will see an on/off button or switch. If the brand that you have purchased does not have a clear on and off marking, then consult the instruction manual for the location of the button or switch.

Step 6

Point the fogger in the direction of the items that you want to deodorize. Once the fogger is turned on it will automatically begin to mist in the direction you are pointing, so make sure you are not pointing the fogger at yourself or others. The most effective technique is to spray the fogger toward upholstery covers and where the wall meets the ceiling. Thoroughly spray the problematic rooms of your home, making sure not to miss large areas. Another benefit of spraying high on your walls or ceiling is that as the mist falls to the ground, it covers other areas that may need to be deodorized.

Step 7

Leave the room for several hours. When you return, you should not smell the cigarette smoke anymore. If the smell is still present, repeat the fogging process.


Some cleaning and restoration companies rent foggers by the day. If you do not want to purchase your own fogger, this option may be best for you.


Always read the instructions on the fogger’s label carefully. While most foggers work in the same way, you should always check safety precautions before application. If you or anyone in your home (including pets) are sensitive to certain chemicals or aerosols, you should take extra precautions when using foggers, as they could irritate this sensitivity.



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