How to Program a Panasonic Microwave

Microwave ovens have become as common a kitchen appliance as an oven. The speed and efficiency of heating up and cooking food items has made microwave ovens a home necessity. Panasonic microwave ovens are designed with several preset cooking options, which makes setting the oven easy. But some food items do not cook well with the presets as they need a different power level or cooking time. In those instances, program the microwave manually.

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Step 1

Place the food item in the microwave and close the door.

Step 2

Press the "Power Level" button on the microwave control panel until the desired power appears on the display. The first button press will display "P10," which is full power. Each successive press lowers the power level. The lowest level is "P1."

Step 3

Enter the cooking time by pressing the corresponding numbers on the microwave keypad.

Step 4

Start the microwave oven by pressing the "Start" button.