How to Clean a Hotpoint Stove

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Things You'll Need

  • Liquid dish detergent

  • Latex gloves

  • All-purpose spray cleaner

  • Paper towels

  • Glass cleaner

  • Non-abrasive scour pad

  • Steel wool

  • Oven cleaner spray

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Remember when the filling for your lemon pie bubbled over while cooking in your Hotpoint stove, and you thought you'd clean it up later? Or what about when half of the toppings on your frozen pizza slid off on the surface of the oven after it had heated up? Either way, it's likely time to clean your Hotpoint stove. The task used to be a dreaded part of home ownership. But now, with a few simple steps, your oven can be returned to its shiny, just-bought appearance.

Step 1

Wait to clean until your Hotpoint stove has cooled. Put on latex gloves. Open the oven door, remove the racks and soak them in a sink of soapy hot water. Rub steel wool on tough stains on the rack; otherwise, a non-abrasive scour pad can be used after racks have soaked for about a half hour.

Step 2

Remove chrome drip pans on electric Hotpoint models and also soak. Use a non-abrasive scour pad on them to avoid scratching. Remove knobs after making sure they are turned off. Soak them and clean with a non-abrasive scour pad.

Step 3

Remove any crumbs from on top of your stove and inside the oven with a paper towel moistened with hot water. Close oven door and lock on models with self-cleaning feature. Activate that feature by hitting the self-cleaning button on the face of your stove and program the desire cleaning time.

Step 4

Clean Hotpoint stoves without the self-cleaning feature by spraying oven cleaner on the surface of the oven and door. Follow cleaning directions on the label of the oven cleaner can. Wipe away the oven-cleaning foam within about a half hour of application.

Step 5

Spray all-purpose cleaner on the top surface of your stove and let sit for 30 seconds before wiping away with paper towels. Use glass cleaner in place of the all purpose cleaner to avoid streaking if your Hotpoint stove has a porcelain enamel surface.


Avoid opening oven door during self-cleaning cycle because temperatures typically exceed 500 degrees.


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