How to Haul a Mattress

Moving and having to haul a mattress can be a daunting task due to its size. While some people may simply want to put a mattress on top of a vehicle and tie it down to haul it, there is a better and safer way to haul a mattress. At a minimum, the mattress should be in a mattress bag to prevent any dust from getting in it. It will also prevent it from getting soiled. Mattresses can be hauled in just the bag or in a box.

Cropped mattress
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Step 1

Remove all of your bedding from the mattress if you have not already done so.

Step 2

Pack the mattress into a mattress bag. Moving stores, such as U-Haul, sell mattress bags in a variety of sizes. Be sure to get the same size bag as the mattress, such as a king size bag for a king size mattress.

Step 3

Slide the bagged mattress into a mattress box if you are hauling it a long way or just want some extra protection. Moving stores, like U-Haul and Eco Box, sell mattress boxes in standard mattress sizes.

Step 4

Get help picking up and moving the mattress out of your home. Be careful not to bend the mattress, as that can damage it.

Step 5

Put the mattress into a cargo van or truck. Try to use a vehicle that has a good fit for the mattress to avoid any damage. Moving truck companies typically can tell you what size mattress will fit in each truck that they have.

Step 6

Tie down the mattress if you are hauling it in the back of a pickup truck to keep it from moving or flying out. Be sure to use a strong rope and drive slowly.

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