What Is a Master Cleaning Schedule?

A master cleaning schedule is an agreement between two or more parties regarding a set of chores that will be completed during a specific time period. These are ideal for roommates, families or any parties that share a common space.

Creating a master cleaning schedule will mop up any potential disagreements over division of chores.


Typical chores included in a master cleaning schedule are vacuuming, mopping, washing the dishes and taking out the trash.

Time Frame

Time frames for a master cleaning schedule vary between either weekly or monthly increments. Usually, a weekly schedule is used for household chores.

Assigning Tasks

Sometimes the chores are divided equally. Other arrangements arise from other necessities. It's best to jointly decide who is responsible for what.

Task Description

It's best to decide how tasks should be completed to avoid misunderstandings regarding cleaning approaches and cleaning standards.

Creating the Schedule

A spreadsheet program such as Excel or Numbers will be useful when creating a spreadsheet. However, templates can be found online. Though it's not necessary, templates can also be purchased.


It's best to keep the agreed upon schedule in a common area for everyone to reference what chores they've been assigned and when they're due.