How to Purchase a Pillow Top for a Tempur-Pedic

Mattress toppers have become widely popular throughout the last decade because of their ease. Unlike pillow-top mattresses, which can't be turned over because only one side is made special, a pillow-top mattress topper (or any mattress topper) can be placed on top of any mattress at any time and can be moved from mattress to mattress. They also can make an old, uncomfortable mattress like new again for much less money. The best part is, purchasing one is also much simpler than buying a new mattress.

Bed and pillows
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Step 1

Determine whether or not you want a true "pillow-top" mattress pad for your Tempur-pedic mattress or you want a memory foam mattress pad. A pillow-top pad is often used generally as a term for any mattress pad (like Kleenex is used for tissue), however, a true pillow-top mattress pad is a fluffy pad filled with cotton or down and sewn with squares to keep the fluff within each section. A memory foam mattress topper is made with similar foam used in Tempur-pedic mattresses. Both will work on any mattress; it depends on whether you're looking for more memory foam give or more fluff.

Step 2

Determine the size mattress topper you'll need for your bed. If you want the mattress pad to cover your entire mattress, choose the same size (queen, king, twin, full) for your pad. However, if your spouse doesn't want a mattress pad and you do, you may want to choose a smaller pad for your own space. For example, if you share a queen-size bed with your spouse, choose a twin-size mattress pad to place on your side of the bed only.

Step 3

Test out various types of mattress toppers at your local furniture store, department store or mattress store. Take notes on different brands and specific types (cotton or down, outer fabric material) that you like. Also take note of the cost of the mattress pads. Test these items out before proceeding to Step 4 to ensure that the product you purchase in the end is comfortable and fits your needs.

Step 4

Research online at various Internet-only stores (such as, and to see if there are any comparable items to those you found and tested out locally. There are many different brands and types of mattress toppers found online that are less expensive than those found in department or mattress stores. Check the price differences and shipping costs to determine where the best deal can be found.

Step 5

When purchasing your new mattress topper, think about purchasing a new fitted bed-sheet. Mattress toppers are held in place on your bed with the actual fitted sheet, which would go over the mattress topper and then the mattress like normal. A full bed with a full mattress topper may need a queen-size fitted sheet to hold the topper in place, for example.