How to Fluff Up Pillows

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Nothing beats sinking your head into a soft, fluffy pillow at the end of the day. Over time, your once perfectly airy and cushiony pillows become flat and matted. Rejuvenate them with simple fluffing techniques that loosen and redistribute the filling, so you can enjoy a better night's sleep.

How to Fluff Up Pillows
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Give Pillows a Daily Shake

Shake the pillows lightly with your hands each morning when you get up out of bed. Redistribute the pillow filling by tapping the pillows on all sides. This daily fluffing is especially important for feather pillows because the moisture that accumulates each night as you sleep mats down the feathers and causes flattening. Allow feather pillows to sit without covering them with a comforter for several hours to air dry each morning.

Send Pillows Through the Wash Cycle

Washing your pillows occasionally helps remove the sweat, dirt and allergens that accumulate over time. It also leaves the filling fluffy and comfortable.

Wash wool pillows in cool water and feather pillows in lukewarm water (60 degrees F) in the washing machine to fluff them up. Use approximately one-third of the recommended amount of a gentle detergent, and use no fabric softener.

Spin the pillows to remove as much moisture as possible. Dry the pillows in the dryer on a low temperature setting, and add tennis balls to the dryer with the pillows. It may take up to three or four hours to dry the pillows completely. Make sure the pillows are completely dry before you remove them from the dryer.

Polyester pillows do not wash well because they often become lumpy after washing. For this reason, due to the inexpensive price of polyester pillows, many people consider these pillows disposable and they replace them when they become flat and uncomfortable.

Fluff in the Dryer

If you don't have time for a full wash, a little time in the dryer can work just as well. Place feather, polyester or wool pillows directly into the dryer for quick fluffing whenever necessary. Add tennis balls to the dryer with two pillows and set the dryer to an air cycle. Dry the pillows for approximately 30 minutes, removing them promptly when done.

Let Them Air Out in the Sun

Hang pillows outside from a clothesline on a sunny day three to four times per year. The sun helps dry up all the moisture that gets into your pillows and causes them to go flat. On warm days, the sun helps freshen the pillows, too. If the day is below freezing, the cold temperatures help kill dust mites inside the pillows. Leave the pillows outside for three to four hours. You can also keep your pillows indoors, and place them in a sunny spot for the same effect.


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