What Are the Mechanics of a Reclining Chair?

A reclining chair is a chair with an adjustable back and a footrest. It is one of the most relaxing and comfortable types of chair. Most people buy reclining chairs because of the comfort it provides through its various mechanism features. Several types of reclining chairs have different set of capacities and features.

Reclining chairs.


Reclining chairs have different features, such as highly adjustable recliner mechanics, single motor, massagers, storage compartments and patented lift system. Most reclining chairs have two principal sitting positions. The first sitting position makes the chair lean or reclines to a 45-degree angle position. The other position makes recliner chairs adjusted into multiple reclining positions. Various reclining chairs have ottoman or foot extensions that are located under the chair. It is activated by pulling a lever or pressing a button.

Recline Mechanisms

All reclining chairs are designed to recline or tilt back. The important function of a reclining chair is created in different ways on various reclining chairs. There are two categories on identifying reclining chairs mechanism: manual and automatic. Most manual reclining chairs have the common handle and lever. Automatic reclining chairs have an electric motor, a "rocker" switch and a cord that plugs into a wall outlet. Pushing the switch or lever will sit up, the other way to recline.


Reclining chairs' mechanism includes wall hugging, hidden storages, removable backs, massage options. Reclining chairs recline in any position by releasing the control button. Some reclining chairs require the user to start the mechanism by pushing backwards, pulling on a cable and lifting a lever. Several reclining chairs have "touch button" handles located just below the arm. Some buttons are pull cords tucked between the arm and seat cushion. Still other reclining chairs bend with simple push on the arms.

2 & 3-way Position Reclining Chair

A two-way reclining chair reclines only a few inches and has a single motor. Its seat rises and slides rearward in front as the ottoman or footrest increases. When the reclining button is pressed, the two-way reclining chair does not move but the seat moves as the ottoman rises to stretch-out. While a three-way reclining chair works when the user's back reclines then the ottoman rises. It also has a single motor that controls the ottoman and the back recline.

Infinite Position Reclining Chair

Infinite position reclining chairs reclines all the way down like a bed. It operates when the back reclines parallel to the floor. The ottoman then rises a feet above and moves to a zero-gravity position. The Infinite position reclining chairs' ottoman has a control switch for independent positioning. The user's body feels a relaxed "S" position when using an Infinite position reclining chair. Different buttons run the recliner positioning and the stand-up reclining mechanism.