What Does a Bottom Mount Refrigerator Mean?

Bottom mount refrigerators are the opposite of most typical refrigerators. Instead of housing the freezer on top of the refrigeration area, bottom mount refrigerators feature a freezer on the bottom and a refrigeration unit on top.

Bottom mount refrigerators make reaching commonly used items easy.


Bottom mount refrigerators make accessing fresh food much easier. Rather than stooping down to get commonly used items, they are easy accessible while standing up.


As its style would imply, bottom mount refrigerators are also sometimes referred to as bottom freezer refrigerators.


Bottom mount refrigerators have storage capacity that ranges up to 26 cubic feet and are also more energy efficient than traditional refrigerators.


While extremely convenient, bottom mount refrigerators are typically more expensive than traditional refrigerators. Bottom mount refrigerators may also be a disadvantage to those who frequently use frozen items more than fresh items.


Since they have become more popular, bottom mount refrigerators are now available in many different sizes and models. All major appliance brands now produce versions of the bottom mount refrigerator.