Panasonic phone users have documented several problems occurring both with telephones used for personal use and with systems used in business environments. Some users reported experiences that suggested some of the problems were widespread and commonly known to Panasonic reps. Professional reviews, however, generally rate Panasonic cordless and cell phones highly, citing as problems only minor inconveniences that are not unique to the Panasonic brand of phone.


Cordless Phone System--Business

One individual reported that a Panasonic cordless system installed in a small law office had a problem with the number 1 button, which stopped working soon after the company had purchased the Panasonic telephone system. This seems a rather curious problem with the Panasonic telephone system because, according to the reporting individual, this problem occurred with several different people using the phone system. Apparently, the nonworking button was always the number 1 button.

Switchboard Interference

Another Panasonic phone system user in a business setting indicated that the system in that office, when the switchboard operator set the system to the Lunch setting so that phones would ring throughout the office, all the lines on the switchboard would light up, jamming the telephone system. The only solution was to pick up each phone line separately.

Additional Button Problems

A user who had a Panasonic phone for personal use also encountered a problem with button failure. This individual reported that the majority of buttons on the telephone stopped working soon after the warranty expired. She indicated that she had this problem with two different Panasonic telephones, and when her husband called a Panasonic rep, before the problem could be explained the rep asked if he was the person who was calling about the button problem, apparently believing he had picked up not a new call but one that had been on hold. As the user indicated, such a response suggests that the button problem is commonplace and that reps are constantly receiving calls about this problem.

Cell Phone--No Backlit Keypad

A cell phone reviewer reported that a particular Panasonic cell phone, the KX-TG1032S, comes without a backlit keypad, which makes using the cell phone more difficult than other models that incorporate this feature.

Flip Phone--Answering

The same reviewer complained that a problem with the Panasonic cell phone, a flip-phone model, is that it requires the user to open the phone and push a button to answer. A better design, the reviewer indicated, would be for the action of flipping open the phone to automatically activate answering of the call. This, however, would not seem a major problem, more of an inconvenience. This type design is not limited to Panasonic's cell phones; other flip phones require pressing a button to answer as well, including Tracfone's flip phone models.