Ivy can take over almost everything in the garden if not properly maintained. Unfortunately, maintaining ivy is a challenge--ivy can be very difficult to keep in one area without it spreading all over the yard (and the house, garage, plants, and trees). However, with the help of some common household products, tackling your ivy problem can be easier than you'd think.

Ivy Wall
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Ivy on wall
Metallic Flames
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Mixture heating on stove

Pour the vinegar into a stock pot and turn the heat to medium. Combine salt with the vinegar. The heat will help dissolve the salt.

Bubble background
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Dawn soap bubbles

Cool the vinegar mixture. After it is cooled, add the Dawn detergent.

Blue wash cloth with spray cleaner
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Spray bottle on counter

Place the funnel on top of the spray bottle. Ladle the vinegar mixture into the spray bottle. Fill the bottle until it's full.

Ivy plant
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Ivy on wall

Spray the mixture onto all of the ivy, focusing on both the leaves as well as the ground where the roots lay.