Electrical Tools & Their Uses

When it comes to electrical projects large or small, having the right tools for the job makes the project a lot easier and potentially more safe. While there are numerous specialty electrical tools available, some are a must-have in the electrical toolbox.

Electrical instruments on blueprint
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Many electrical tools are simple but vital for successful and safe projects.

Wire Strippers

Wiring and rewiring are standard fare when it comes to an electrical project. Wire strippers trim the coating off the ends of wires so you can connect them to one another quickly, otherwise you may spend time trimming with scissors or a utility knife, accidentally cutting through some of the wire strands. Some versions include wire cutters, so you can trim those loose ends to the desired length.

Continuity Tester

A voltage or circuit tester comes in handy when testing outlets to ensure the power or correct breaker really has been turned off. The selection and options for this type of test vary widely; generally speaking, they light up or in some way indicate when a hot or live circuit is nearby.


While a screwdriver may not seem like an electrician's tool, it is. Wiring a simple circuit typically requires attaching bare wire ends onto posts, such as on a light switch or outlet. Small jeweler's screwdrivers, especially the flat-headed variety, prove invaluable.

Kathy Adams

Kathy Adams

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